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Are you interested in the shamanic healing and ayahuasca ceremonies in Cusco Peru?  There is a three days ayahuasca healing retreat in Peru. The program has been developed by Andes Aero and the Amazonian Shapiro Shaman... these are families that practice the shamanism traditions and centuries-old traditions and techniques.  Everything in clouding the preparation of the plant medicine is done the traditional way. They incorporate ancient culture and knowledge to prepare the retreat. It is tempered with modern medical practices and ensures the safety of the guests. They are allowed to assimilate the experience in the most beneficial way.  In the retreat, two ayahuasca ceremonies will be conducted.  Find out for further details right here


They have a multidisciplinary heath team compromising different professions. They include the cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologist, general, general practitioner and emergency nurse with a high level of experienced native Andean and the shaman of Amazon. They have a doctor who is on the side throughout the day during the retreats and is provided with access to the state of art emergency medical equipment. Their operation dates beck several years and has remained as top safe centers. Safety has never been compromised.  Read more great facts, click here


With over 7200 customers being served by the company, it shows high elves of customer satisfaction. In the last four year, they have been given the certificate of excellence by the trip advisor have been reviewed five stars for more than 200 times. Their location makes home a choice for everyone who is interested in the ayahuasca retreats. They are located in the sacred valley, a drive of two hours from Machupicchu. 


 To be considered as a guest, you should send a scanned email and take to Cusco a letter from your doctor detailing that your good health status. You will not participate in the retreat without the letter. In case you can't process the letter, it is required that you take a check with a Cisco doctor on the day of the water. You will pay extra for that service. 


The inclusions of the retreat are two to four shamans Andean Eros and Amazonian Shipibo.  There is still a doctor who will be on site for the entire day.  The safety comfort is maximized by having small groups of up to 10 people. This also helps to give personalized attention.  There is a nurse who is experienced in the ayahuasca ceremonies to offer emergency services. After returning from the journeys, a nurse checks the stability of the guests. Take a look at this link for more information.